Luciole Medical has established a first-mover position in brain monitoring by providing a complete solution to measure brain function parameters in a broad range of hospital settings, from surgeries and anesthesia to neurocritical care.

Luciole Medical’s adhesive patch, intracranial probe and end-to-end analytics platform that can integrate information from additional sources, provide an array of tools to achieve unparalleled real-time data capture of cerebral oxygenation, an important predictor of brain function. It is the only company with a patch and a patented technology that can also measure blood flow in the brain.

The company is also developing a wearable brain monitoring device that can precisely monitor and track brain health.

Luciole Medical’s goal is to transform the current paradigm of brain monitoring to be at the forefront of a revolution in individualized brain health.


Luciole Medical AG was founded in Zürich, Switzerland and is applying a deep understanding of brain hemodynamics to the brain monitoring space. The company is led by an experienced management team and a Board with seasoned medtech executives and entrepreneurs.


Dr. Philippe Dro

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Bruno Reihl

Board Member

Dr. Markus Muser

Board Member


Ivan Maggio

QA/QM & Industialization Manager

Joan Puig Sallés

Junior Data Analyst

Dr. Claudia Trainito

Senior Development & Industrialization Engineer

Lou-Ana Deprey

Junior Project Manager


The company is privately funded and is regularily looking for further investments in order to accelerate its development.

A company presentation can be found via the following link:

Company Presentation